1996 – Hortadamus (Guo-Ang)


According to Hortadamus’ chronosoftware: Our consciousness is a sphere, and its bearing is always the same on a plane, let’s call it time axis, where it is rolling towards the future. This consciousness is continuously expanding as the human race and its endogenous individuals are developing and obtaining through the information a more and more sulcated mémetic brain. Though, the bearing of this sphere is – according to the rules of algebra – always the same, but based on Hortadamus’ spherical knowledge and the “gravitation” of the time axis, the extension of the present is becoming bigger and bigger, thus, for certain developing consciousness of the mankind, the duration and the intuitive aureole of present time is also becoming bigger and bigger. The extraction of information occurs through space-time, with the help of Einstein-Rosen bridges, by way of penetration through the accretion disc. The intuitive power of social and scientific development in relation of time axis demands but, at the moment, does not make it possible to have a language to express terms that will be reached by this kind of spherical knowledge only in an “x” time in the future. That is the reason why we don’t have words, for example, to express the fifth heartbeat before death, the solar empathy, to awake in alien body or when our mirror image is becoming infected. However, the method of Hortadamusic serves exactly this purpose: it will wrap the prophecies into doppelgänger cover of well-known ritual tropes and transmit them, in this phase of space-time, through known network distributors, with the help of Bevatron, onto the surface of the planet. 


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