2010 – KurtāGuOrchestra (Guo-Ang)





Based on ’Kurtāgonals – (ECM New Series 2097)
Performed by Gāyan Uttejak Orchestra
Featuring György Kurtāg Jr.

The principal intention of Kurtāgonals project is to re-contextualize, in a diary-like way, the musical oeuvre of the contributors, with especial regard to György Kurtāg Jr.’s life-work, originally born in a classical avant-garde musical atmosphere, into a 21st Century final form. The joint efforts have resulted in a so far non-existent genre of ‘contemporary audiopod’, that is a collage of music with unique tonality and unusual compositional form. Drifting ambient washes of synthesized sound, near-subliminal bass, collages of subtle colors and sudden eruptions are but part of the story, reaching beyond ‘new music’ into a virtual world of landscapes of a new music structure.


Very essence of ’Ars Guotica Nova’ Excerpts from the recent Guo CDs Performed by Gāyan Uttejak Orchestra : The original language spoken by human beings and Guo is music. Guo sets the common multiple to be found in various anthropological wrappings of cultures to music: the human being’s inherited world of instinct, which has an incredible ritual of alienation developed to symbolize the attitude of life of the existing social existence. Once, this used to be called ‘musiculture’. In our days, it is becoming impossible to describe musically the reality in everyday life of people, through human-instrumental ergonomic way of playing music. Thus, in Guo’s music, during the live and theatrical practice of a unique musical way of thinking, non-existing mythological worlds and kindred-souled Extra-European high music cultures meet the requirements and summons of inner exode inevitably existing in every postmodern, eco-controlled human being of our age.

Planet-Earth Transociety

Global community, where the virtual culture, formed by the inhabitants through their spiritual exode, surrounds the earth’s hemispheres like onion-skin and invisibly for the real world. Alien’nation.

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