2011 – Terranomia (Guo-Ang)


(Anaplasia musicarcinoma diagnosis)

“Terranomia” is a paraphrased human-tissue-progeny on the surface of Earth, originating from progressive and irreversible proliferation of transformed (anomic) cells of earthly existence that continues to expand even after its exciting agents have ceased to exist and is completely independent from the controlling mechanism of the organization’s social consciousness. Continental tumours of human mould may have a malignant (malignus) or, hardly ever, a benign (benignus) nature. The term “Terranomia” means literally “anomy on the surface of Earth”, and from time to time, it is used in this very meaning as well; so, it is one of the five classical symptoms of Gaia-inflammation (gaia-inflammo), but since it is a reactive mass, its development can’t be stopped, not even by eliminating the reasons. The topographic malignant tumours with an earth-epithelium origin (malignoma) are collectively known as carcinoma, but that is also frequently (and improperly) used by lay language and science to designate each and every malignant mass. General characteristic feature of malignant human-biomass-tumours with a false consciousness and hemispheric saturation is to be able to infiltrate into and damage the surrounding tissues (spreading in the environment, its technical term is “locoregional invasion”), and besides they can create distant metastases (metastasis) as well. In case of benign social tumours (memcomplex) and historic ages, neither invasiveness nor formation of metastases is symptomatic, however, they are able to realize very significant growth, though in a longer period than the malignant ones, but as to the symptomatologic effects, they imply the same deleterious consequences on some favoured points of the World, as a malignant human-mass of earth-epithelium. For example, the tumour of amygdala, originating from the original evolutionary programming of hypophysis, the memetic projection of which on its local environment has an effect of annihilation. In the course of full military and parliamentary free-market cauterizing, the chance of recurrence of benign conscious-tumours (memanomia) is far smaller than in case of malignant deformations. The first sign of invasiveness of a local tumour with an earth-epithelium origin is when during the local spreading it gets beyond the basic membrane of the epidermic tissue (basalis lamina). Then, the human-mass, not being able to break through the basalis lamina, still showing some malignant cellular deformations, is called in situ carcinoma. In course of earthlife, the DNA of social consciousness will accumulate more and more hereditary mutation in the genetic material of human mould, primarily during the first steps constituting the integral part of memetic cytokinezis, exactly because of the “copying imperfections” taking place during the duplication (replication) of the genetic material, and for the reason of malfunctions of human-ecological consciousness improving mechanisms working on the correction of the abovementioned phenomena. To some extent, this might explain why the occurrence of some kind of terranomias, first of all the malignant humanoid histological types, is growing together with the geohistorical age (prevalence). It is also important to mention, that anaplasia is in connection with the social-histological classification of the prevailing hemispheric newborn human-tumour generation. Consequently, anaplastic tumours are so called low level differentiated deformations, that means a cell level differentiation (taigetos syndrome), being controlled by the predestination (karma) factor, namely the being borne into a predestinativ caste, the social memcomplex strata, and it would regrettably mean, that neoplasms of socium are going to germinate even in their early stage of maturation, and thus they may not show anomic formal and functional characteristics of a fully developed human epidermic tissue. So, the anaplastic deformations are usually malignus, but a malignus deformation is not always anaplastic, and that provides a possibility for the genetic material of earthly “consciousness-carrier” to be preserved for a possible future rebirth. We can declare, that repeated earthly emergence of “divine terranomia”, as a socio-evolutionary feedback, serves – just like dezomorphin (crocodile), sex and cable TV, or acid-rock music – for handling the human redundancy having become unnecessary during the “Kondratyev” cycles of capitalism and been pushed to the periphery. However, I think it is an exaggeration, because it is less efficient than to cremate the sociological redundancy, being selected from the social homeostasy, in an imploded volcano crater in an economic and eco-conscious way, with the help of a paternoster system continuously refilled by helicopters. The probability of avoiding a new reincarnation of innate terranomic conscious-programming of the human genome, created by the God to his similarity, may only be comparable to the probability of accidental appearance of the planetary bioplasm on a molecular level.

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