2005 – Memix (Mome CD)



Musical crēme de la méme and musico-mémetic kaleidoscope for advanced. Méme-mimicry, but not only in a musical sense. If someone indeed has an ear to hear. It doesn’t have any particular style, as it is futuristic, but it does have a history to be clinged to. And it also helps to levitate. At least for those, who are in possession of an acoustic memory. In other words, who is a whizz at acid, that should listen to memix-goa or guoriginal memix-chaos. Right here and right now. Or, now and forever. No place for disappointment: if your brain had a fine ear in the past, than it is going to have reaction and pleasure in the present. Maybe, with the help of Internet, even in the future. But especially in Memix. So, let’s say, we have some ecstasy and transcultics here, as is proper in the case of Guo Orchestra. In short, from the galactic trans-operas to the mantras, and back. Please, listen to it in an autotelic way.

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