2000 – Live Sangīt Sammelan (CD)

S.S.Guo-Live_FrontCover (Arqa)

Selected live recordings of the Gáyan Uttejak Orchestra’performances
from the former Territory of the Far East-Europe and Hungisthán
between 1982-1988.

concerts and everything we deem to hear from them were born in the world of realized socialism. And not in the West, where thanks to the industrial revolution, by way of original and free accumulation of capital, that is, through exploitation of distant countries and continents, the exotic properties and musics have become available on the shelves of shopping centers. But in the East. Namely in Eastern-Europe. Where we could perceived the current of history, but we were not allowed to shape it. We might only imagine it. Thus, we used to imagine more than happened indeed in reality. And, in this way, a kind of world music of Hungisthan evolved, and the music of future India, still not existing in this reality, became a part of Guo repertoire as a mixology of recognizable past and present musical languages At the same time, it was the only and ultimate imprint of a musical Utopia and vision created in an Utopian and failed social system.
Take it into thorough consideration and further.