1995 – Terra Dei (CD)


T E R R A   D E I
is the Earth of God. It belongs to the God who has been created by us. 

Therefore our Earth and its world are exactly the same as our God. 
This world is not the one that was originally created, it’s a smashed version of it. 
Therefore, seen from this perspective, the most beautiful thing is destruction itself, and its art. This kind of art is that of alienation of the human race and its fake consciousness which has been artificially conditioned. In this world music has changed direction and the oscillation of its slewing rhythm crushes again and again the traditional form of music. So the music of TERRA DEI – although it wants to be a spiritual exodus from the world that was made uninhabitable by us – is only a fathful reflection of the world of our God’s planet. 

Gaga Janus

Introitus ambigüa by the Ono Kai Gagaku Electric. 

Hemis Mela

Mushroom ceremonial music by the Beings of Zeta Reticulum; scattering of the spore to Earth according to the Mazatec Tradtion. 


A congregational song by the Black Knights of Kyniarwanda Communion at the Mahaganja Feast. 

Terra Dei

This is the Land of the Human Beings’ artefact God. 


A Bhakti-geet by the Intelektrik Vādya-Vrinda of Varanasi, a recording from the “Hindusthāni Gharānā” file, a server of Agra-Polis Collection. 


A magdal (praise song) followed by the Halha Tradition if Gobi. 


the Pygmie Magician’s song from the Heaven of Dodon People


in seven phase of Māyā:
1. Preces
2. Aid-choral; “al-Kaffaljidhma”
3. Trance Macabre
4. Cathedral Sūtra; “Zuben Hakrabi”
5. Gradule; “Mirfak al-Toliman”
6. Trance Communio
7. Ite missa est.