1996 – Sangeet Novus Sensus (Hungisthān-version CD)


The Sangeet Novus Sensus has been composed for a socio-ethno musicologist coming from the Eridanus constellation 200 years later to our Earth. This demo was produced in 1995-1996 in the former East-Europe as a reflection of the sociological experience having obtained in the late 20th century. 

It’s technological basis have been a PCM morphology using up the old FFT spectrum-analysis as an algorhythm controller and a virtual overtone-synthesis software developed by me. Here appears the music as a physiological sōma (szleg) and seems to be one of the potential acoustical solutions of abbandonment from the earthly reality and of the generating the social-Möbius consciousness based on my computer memesis technology. 

The modular goa-electronics, the matrix topologie of tablā-mems, synthesised carcinogen PCM sequences, the Hindusthān style of the astral-hallucinogen orchestration or the polyphonic application of the analyzed interstellar noise spectrum samples or the geometric fractal loops induced by Zipi programming and the Pythagorean methodology of the sound mixing – all have spun a memetic cobweb around the average phosphorescent acid-consciousness having been grow in consequence of the alienation trend in this century, so the Sangeet Novus Sensus appears as a refined “prāna of transociete” of the millenium. 

Later on when the humanoid consciousness transplanted into networks and the human race settled down into the stratosphear of Jupiter – in those days the original frequency algorhythms of the music being converted into laser needle impulse were plugged in the synapse of the human neuron outcome and they were stimulated by thousands of 3D-16 Hz BPM impulse/minute – began a new area of the music history and the hidden meaning of Sangeet Novus Sensus  became as an ethnological nightmare of the past.

L.H.’s memoires in Technomusicology, 2009/IV. pp.109-128, October Edition, under title: The Virtual Memesis of Music.