2014 – Earthling’ua (Guo-Ang)



About Earthlings (fragments)

If any metaphysical elements are existing in our days, indeed, and if there is something worth being investigated, that should be the sociological selection for death in Eastern-Europe, for example. The amoeba-like social psychozoics, having no consciousness, that can be defined as a homeostasis developed in a memetic way, are spanning along the course of history, and they continuously select their certain entities as cancerous cells. According to the logic prevailing in the Middle Ages, and I personally consider it a kind of essence of human way of thinking, witches are to be thrown off the bridge, and if they sink, they are innocent, but if they float, then let’s burn them.  As we can see in our days, this kind of sensitivity of the aforesaid homeostasis is going to be reduced to suicide, addictive habits and illnesses caused by the individual for himself, instead of extinction or selection of certain types of groups of people. The individual in question will paint the bathroom, turn it into a Buddhist sanctum, close the door and die without any friend, woman and child. And it is this fatal carcinogenic process of this “created” depression, that I consider extremely interesting, because the social homeostasis will establish this situation in an entirely unintentional way, and by mean of that it becomes able to select its own cell-like psychozoic inclusions and antibodies, that are out of phase with the pan-social oscillation and the every day tradition of the realized greatest common social evil. Selection however will come into play in those individuals through distortion of personality and spreading of depression, though that individuals, just on grounds of their strangeness and deviation, may have new ideas and approaches that could bring the society forward. And the selection will terminate their very activity of entering innovations.This is why it is possible to survive here only making use of some abstraction and alienational transformation. That also has some advantages, and although it is not a merit to belong to this ancient people but a very serious mission, nothing and nobody can give you a big surprise in other countries or cultures if you were born Hungarian.Consequently, to be Hungarian is nothing else than to be a citizen of the World. That is demonstrated, for example, through the universality of Hungarian folk music. The society and culture of the world are moving in a path they have been forced to take. There is no word of divine punishment or predestination, our situation is shaping up according to the most prosaic physical parameters. Since there is not a single place where the current governmental and global decision making is going to rely on the reality, and there is only the rule of collective mal-consciousness in existence, so some certain lateral shiftings of the society are a matter of mere chance. Thus, it is not the human intelligence that builds up the civilization, but the chances and disasters are drifting us towards an irrational future. It is a function of your mind, what you consider real. On the one hand we have and everyday consciousness, and on the other hand there is the global consciousness represented by World Bank, Pentagon, KGB, Exxon, Unilever etc., where “really big things” are happening. In comparing the two forms of consciousness, it appears immediately that the versions aiming the transformation of society, preferred by politics and artists, are merely children’s drawings as compared to the software of a mobile telephone network. There is a yawning gulf between the consciousness of an average person and the professional consciousness of a big marketing company measuring the consumption patterns. Reactions of the man in the street are normal, everybody is longing for a more inhabitable world, still they find the increasingly stupider, darker, and more distant – both in geographical sense and in time – ideologies more and more attractive, and the incubuses originating from the total misinterpretation of various historical high-cultures are spreading more and more. In the meanwhile, in the reality, the world is going to be transformed on the side of the big concerns, banks, insurance companies and producers with an almost absurd effectiveness and through an increasingly perfect planning, to their own likeness. About the turn of the 2nd millennium, this structure, that I used to have nicknamed apo-capitalism, will arrive at the consumer biomass, unified on the surface of our planet, that is similar to classic Hindu caste-system, being extremely closed mono-cultured and moving on a forced path, these are the mucous mega-city-colonies of humanoids. In this, however, interesting world, the established types of property and the possibilities of social movement articulated by them, produce limited castes and personalities impoverished into limited metabolism, along with their taste, that will consume/destroy the culture and the good things in life. Human consciousness, this non-inevitable but still created product of the universe, has an obligation: the redemption. We can find an example of that in one of Stanislaw Lem’s book, where the people will encode the useful information into the remaining background neutrino radiation of the oscillating universe, for the individuals of a universe to come. This is what I mean under redemption. The victory over hideous sins of the individual being borne together with us, descending from our Mother-Lucy, being the creator of the greatest common human-social evil and tucked underneath the alienated social mass. There will be no revolution again in this planet. The “white man’s” consumer society is overgrowing the planet like mould, and, in a short-sighted way, it will not allow any possibility for political articulation for cultures that are different from it, and so its reward will be terrorism. The nation, as a homeostasis, is broken up and restructured at any point of the Earth in a way, that there is no collective will, even e-jihad, that would be able to have an influence over the decisions of the geopolitical great powers. But for the multinational corporations, as they are able. Consequently, redemption simply has no other door than eco-technology, derivated from by-products of science financed by those corporations, despite greenies’ rage against science. Or let’s imagine the redemption in an Exonybm way. Thus, in our days the whole humanity is running in a tunnel, and if it stops: it dies of heat stroke or Gaia Mama hops the twig. I earlier referred to the psychedelic communities of youth retiring to virtual catacombs. We know: the Ten Commandments were written for people who used to kill, steal and lie. As I see, those kids don’t need the Ten Commandments, the Bible and the Koran, or the so called traditionalism, because they know by themselves, that killing or lying is not appropriate. There is no need for mimicry, because they are fully aware that letting the world become a livable place require neither good God, no soldiers, sportbusiness, Churches or big companies.  bI would say: first the limping puppies, parties of Electronic Asylum of Exodus and only after them the benevolent God, maybe…This is the proper scale of values. What I see: there are more and more who will recognize it or will not recognize, but lead their life according to that. And when those “Ancient Christians” are going to leak away from under the society in a quantity that is relevant from a sociological point of view, then the empire will collapse.

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