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Lāszlō Hortobāgyi (eL-Horto) was born in Budapest, 1950. altough he didn’t plan it. Therefore, besides his musicological and indological studies, he takes part in the design and building of a few organ throughout in Hungary, East-Europa. Consequently, since 1967 he has organised and made private expeditions – in the first place – to North-India for making recordings on the spot, studying philological-musicological sources, archives, libraries and pursuing practical studies.

Play instruments : rūdra-vīnā, surbahār, sitār, tablā, etc. In 1980 he established the musical society called “Gāyan Uttejak Mandal” It was named after the Hindu-Moslem musician’s society founded by Navraojī Kabrajī in 1870 (it was the school of the great musicologist, V.N Bhātkhānde). It’s members consider it to be their obligation to practice and to study the traditional cultures – as a planet-world heritage – of the Eastern branch of the history of music, primary the traditional Hindu-Moslem music, – within the framework of lectures, comparative music studies, making compositions sometimes concerts and performances. In 1984 he founded “The Oriental Music Archives” which is unique in Middle-Europe and which operates parallel with the music studio called “Gāyan Uttejak Studio” and the “Gāyan Uttejak Orchestra” .

His music pieces composed in the classical Indian musical structure, together with other traditional and futuristic compositions are issued in the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, USA, France, England, Russia, Poland , Hungary, etc. Musicological and theoretical publications in the field of “Music of Hindusthān and Karnātaka”, “ Computer Music Systems”, “Virtual Mémesis of the Music”, “Frames of the Fictitious Societies”, “A Possible Bi-tonality System”, “Tāla system of Hindusthān and the Alienation: Overcome of the Reality”, “ The’Polyphonic’ Shrutī System”, etc. Paintings about “cyber rāga-mālā” and “mēme”delineations on tryptichons, etc. Member of the Advisory Council of the Research Project of Computer Music at the Institute of Musicology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

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