1989 – Amygdala Expedition (Guo-Ang)


People tends to have many chakras. First of all abracachakra. But there is also a cortex-chakra (practically a reptile brain), that is called by our Hindu brothers Brahma-chakra, yet this has a white man-made name too: Amygdala.
Here you can find everything. When, on the occasion of conquista, the white guvnors visited the pigment-riches for some gold, cotton, human flesh and land, the Bible belonged to them. When, later and after them, the musicologists and ethnographers arrived, white people owned the lands but the Bible belonged to the natives. Well, at this point the white scientists began to process everything they could understand from the colorful scene, society and culture. Sometimes it was not very successive, though they managed to find some very nice structures. I mean invent, as they were very inventive. Then they systematized, named and confused them with the reality. There was one thing they failed to find: the common Amygdala-chakra. Well, el-Horto and Guo found it: the common multiple in various anthropological wrapping of different cultures: our inherited domain of intuition, that has a fantastic ritual of alienation having been evolved to symbolize the infernal awareness of life of prevailing social life. In our days, we call it culture.In the putrefied social existence, and in musical distillate of Amygdala, being born in it, we can find those metaphysical prosthesises, that are existing as ectoplasms grown on to human brain in place of a world livable by intellect.

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