2017 – Alterra (Guo-Ang)

Alterra_Front_Cover Alterra    2017

Alterra  is a short compiled collection of the residual debris of the extincted epigenetic etnophilias.
The hereditary social traditions that sit as a nightmare on the brain of the offspring but the musical genealogy has positive sides as well.
For example, that never-realized but possible musical languages meet in a virtual common Elysian Fields of another planet called Alterra.
In the Western world, hiding of work (and of its pleasure) is part of a mendacious hypocritical tradition, where the alienated transhuman portfolios of rivalling reanimated human-objects will compete with each others in the network space, – so we recommend the sound recording to the attention of those persons being stuck to the Earth who never have had any common affair with the composer, since he has only been able to create all of this without them.
So, consequently, the “Alterra” collection is only one of the last “Noah Arcanida Collection” type of the comparative music studies has been organised by eyeless aliens, arriving from spheres beyond the Nyx constellation and having shimmering chitin-brilliance, through the rescuing wormholes of the timepits installed on the squares of big cities, and who have not been prevented from archiving the relics of societies sentenced to extinction, by their levitation in the pure theoretical musical fields.

Lāszlō Hortobāgyi 2017 corresponding member of “Puppies & Kittens of Budavár” website & www.guo.hu