1994 – Technoglyphics (Guo-Ang)

1. Gobluminosis /Nirjīv-gīt /

  • Song of the deceased philosophers’ putrescent intellect

  • Light of effluvium above Theophrastus Paracelsus’ cadaver pit

  • Jeremiads of Maldoror

  • Choral service of nigromans

2. Sine-dubio /Jyotisik sangīt /

  • Astrological dub of Hindustan with a Necro song of Soma-Sinsemilla

  • Shri Durgā Saptshati … /Hindi/

  • De abditis rerum causis

3. Cacodaemons /Yantrik-dhun /

  • A little passion-play of longing meccanos in the gothic-skeleton cathedral of Lindisfarne

  • Laudario (traditional-religious cyborg song) three parts from the “La Passions” laud of the Codex Angarian :

    • The Kiss of Judas 0:35

    • The Flagellation 3:32

      • and the Ascent to Calvary 1:53

    • The Crucifixion 0:42

4. Plexus-societis /Pharakhnā – tāla /

  • A cultural chorea

  • Tribal consciousness of the “Corps de Woodoo Ballet”

  • Opera Cyborgia

  • Periodical clink of the teeth /if you have sufficient loudness/

  • The rhythm form of the world of M.C. Escher.

5. Lumen Divine /Shok-sangīt/

  • Instrumental reverie about the human society

  • Ludi Circenses with hydraulos

  • Cyborganic liturgy to the genuine character of the Human Beings’ God

  • Gaia Entelecheia

6. Hadesangeet /Nrty-sangīt /

  • A diabolical romp.

  • Kinaesthetic warfare with 3 D Computer

  • Ecce respondeo dicenti: “Quid faciebat deus, antequam faceret caelum et terram?” respondeo non illud , quod quidam respondisse perhibetur ioculanter eludens quaestionis violentiam: “alta inquit”, “scrutantibus gehennas parabat”. (Augustinus)

7. Animalika /Pāsavik-kriti/

  • Animals’ cantata with cultic belly-dance bass

  • De natura sonoris

  • Animals are singing humanoid song in the style of the Mutanimanoid Vox Caelestis

8. Shivaishna-gari /Upākhyān-gānā /

  • Overture from the “Cyberiana” chamber-opera

  • Shri Vishnu Sahasranamara… in Tamil

  • Manawa Dharma Shastra or the institutes of Manu according to the gloss of Kulluka

9. Namayashií-synthdroma /Surilā vadyyantrikā racnā /

  • Garden of Kōfuku-ji temple in Nara at the Juimae feast

  • Gagakuorum

  • Tōkjō bosoku 2013 (Twilight in Tokyo, 2013)

  • Lachrimae rerum (Lucretius)

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