1995 – Gaia Dei (Guo-Ang)


Gaia Dei is the Earth of Our God. That is the place where He lives, together with us. The existence and fate of the planet depends on its creator God, who, at the same time, has been created by us, the concurrent inhabitants of this planet. Therefore our Earth and its world are exactly the same as our God and his world. However, this world is not the same that has been originally created, it is only a smashed version of it. A “Terranoma”. Therefore, it looks as if no more enjoyable has remained on this planet than the culture and the art of destruction and deconstruction, that is, in this way, a mirror of artificially conditioned false consciousness of the alienated human race. In this world, the new musical structures will take down their “bel espirit” masks, and they are capable, as the only one among the different arts, to map the voltage fluctuation of the brain’s biocurrent, that is, to transform it into a direct communicational language and information virus. Mapping of social brutality into music, and its consumption, the applied moebius-like forming of consciousness of mechanized rhythmic implants and the monotony of their polyrhythmic periods will destroy the traditional forms of music in this planet, again and again. So the music of Gaia Dei (Terranoma) – although it serves as an intellectual exode from the world that has been made uninhabitable by its inhabitants – is only a true mirror of our God’s world.

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