2009 – Transociety Tulpa (Guo-Ang)


The light of the opalesque bluish-green divine jelly-aspic brain, floating in the apse of a Gothic cathedral, where, due to the running out of the reincarnational amnion, the painful fulguration of the bodiless souls will raise stroboscopic theta waves in the domain of the crowd’s collective consciousness. The white winged, greenish-gold lizard-bodied, peacock feather-thighed cherubs, accompanying the Divine Soul, are flittering among the pillars with traditional choreography of the trans-electronics, while the sighs of Deathbass will counterpoint the cantosections of the choir celebrating the addressing and marching in of the ones condemned to death who are waiting for rebirth. Basso Profundis. Ejaculation of the white-colored divine-cerebrum on the memetically corrugated consciousness, when the Earth is going to spread its crust at the moment of the Two Tablā Intrada. Then, the flagellation of the laid-on participants will commence, started by the Imperial Gong, sounded in 7/4 period and articulated by the series of bass-throbbings, that are shifted by a deem phase but still symmetrical. The whole movement is blended with the Greek spirit of “chronos protos”, that will integrate the musical order of this collective exaltation into balanced and subtle unites, reconciling the conventions of the human culture and law and order with the laws of the universal time. The traditional cadence formula of the movement, incarnated in the bell strokes, is going to introduce the Great Mughal Period performed by the Guo Orchestra, that will simultaneously determine the quality of the flagellation. That will give an impulse to the electrolictors, so the whole ceremony is slowly turning into the final phase, where the patterns of rhythmic-cumulonimbi will indicate the high-flying of the executed souls. Tulpare necesse est!

tulparagramma-s & tulpa mantra-s :

tulpa = meme, tulpaspic, fractals of tulpa, tulpa fugue, tulpanergyris, enthelechia-tulpa, tulpa-gene, transociety tulpa = bass tulpa-s in memaspic, tulpara-rasa, tulpanta rhei, para-tulpa ,
tulpa- memicry, tulpamem et circenses, tulpanplegia,sociumeme of tulpas, tulparacletos, tulpa-synthesthesia, tulpandit, tulparenchima, tulpa-gopuram, tulpataraxia, tulparainesis,
tulparabiosis = memcomplex, tulpavane, tulpatrioticus, tulparakinesis,tulpa-gompa,tulpashram,
tulpantomim, tulparanoia, tulpa-siriasis, tulparagenesis, tulpassio, tulparalipsis,tulpapilla,
tulpandora’s box, tulparamnesia, tulpax, tulparallaxis, tulparamythia, tulparousia,
tulpatronatus, tulparaclasis, tulpantheon, tulparaphrenia, tulparasita, tulparadigma,
tulpapilionaceae, tulparalogia, tulparaplasma, tulpakrasia, tulpanneau, tulpatvaria,
tulparanomia,tulpandemia, tulpatrimonalis, tulparaplegia, tulparataxis, tulpartus,
tulparaxialis, tulparticula, tulpatiarchalis, tulpatetico, tulparthenogenesis, tulparalizis,
tulparaplasia, tulkpatois, tulparaphrasis, tulparaesthesia, tulparageusia, tulpanopticum,
tulparondotitis, tulpathogenesis, tulpathophobia, tulparaphasia, tulparadoxon, tulpanergygica,
tulparenthesis, tulpantokrator, tulparonima, tulpassionatus, tulparacusis, tulpantophag, tulparabasis, tulparosmia, tulparorexia, tulpassabilis, tulpastorale,tulpantographia,
mea tulpa
all of above
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