1996 – Memesis (CD)



is a digital mimicry of the genes (building-blocks of evolution on the “daisy chained” DNS). Its name is adopted from the “mêm” terminology invented by Richard Dawkins. The  Meme by the analogy with genes . a virtual–biological unit of the cultural techniques and traditions spread out from the talented human beings’ brain. But they are at the same time the nightmare of ancestors in the descedants’ mind.     Language of the Hindu-Moslem Tradition of the Hindusthani Music – but also the bioastronomy, Kathakali, songs of the whales (“whale-canto“), Tinctoris’compositions, nigromania,computed fractal engines, Raga-mala paintings, cyborgs, Kuandalini sex, reports from the Arecibo Radiotelescope’s Post Ozma Project, Tantric mandalas, Skinny Puppy tracks, tortures techniques of the Inquisition, Vedanta, brainwave synthesizers, building techniques of the cathedrals, Dolphin’s Language, Seti-Phoenix Project, Bergen-Belsen, works of Lyn Margulis, Ajanta paintings, the softwares of the Nasdaq derivatums, Cavaille Coll Organs, techno-biomorphology, Gagaku compositions, reptiles from the Reticulum constellation, Kondratyev cycles, transplantation of the human consciousness into Internet, architecture of Bhuwaneshwar, navigation softwares of the Ohio submarines, works of Stanislaw Lem, piknolepsia, Ustad Imdad Khan‘s compositions, animals’rights, sociology, Max Reger‘s composition, the nature of the human alienation, works of Richard Dawkins, the Polynesian polyrythmia and migrations’ history of the islands, logistic softwares of the transnational corporations, bol-matrix of the Delhi-Farukhabad-Ajrada schools of Tabla playing, the cast-system of the capitalism, ectoplasma, Louis Vierne‘s compositions, works of Ilya Prigogine, death factory networks of the human societies, works of Zoltan Ganti, recreations of the ancient Bali banjar‘s gamelan compositions and the types of gongs, sci-fi visions of Wolfgang Jeschke and the Strugackij Brothers, arithmetric of integers, Persian tonality, Facteur Cheval’buildings, history of the trade unions, creating polyphonic digital instruments based on Shruti system, etc,etc all of them exist by the meme – s