1992 – Fomalhaut Hājj (Guo-Ang)


Fomalhaut HajjFomal-Hoot al-Ganoubi is a mythological Arabian constellation. Here can be found the planet, the warm and heavily milk-fogged lands of which makes a home for ethereal body-reincarnations of dead Muslim Saints and Dervishes. When, in the 22nd Century, the white man has succeed to reach the moons of Jupiter and there he has transformed himself into a straggler to populate Jupiter’s stratosphere from there, thousands of souls of dead Muslim Saints and Dervishes have moved, in the same way, to the Fomal-Hoot al-Ganoubi Galaxy, where they have found the real great umma, namely the world of Heaven (jannat), leaving behind at the same time jahannam, namely the earthly empire of Hell. The first description of the music that flourished in that distant gloomy world could be find in the “Kitab al-Algani” (”Song of Book”) by Abu’L-Faraq al-lsfahani (died in 967) and the last one was accessible in the “AI-Risala al-sarafiyya fi’L-nisab al-ta’lifiyya Fomal-Hoot al-Ganoubi” by Maulana Galal al-Din Rumi (1207-1273) which has unfortunately lost by today. Today, the sole material trove that has survived is the one restored by el-Horto-Guo: “Fomalhaut-hājj”, that would set the purpose of exode being common in every culture to music in a Fomalhaut style, giving at the same time a short description of the ancient technique of leaving the ethereal body. Many different aspects (zahír) of the mystic path of the ethereal body are concentrated to these simple movements of the living body. It is at the same time a sacrifice – the sacrifice of the various individual rhythms to the single great rhythms of the dance through which the soul is de-individualized and universalized. The dance might therefore be described as a ritual death agony, and the breathing of the dancers does in fact recall the breathing of a man at the point of death. But the “death” in question is a willing one, for it is the creating of a void to receive the God’s ethereal body, this is the Presence (al-Hadrah). The evolution of the Dervish ceremonials culminated in the Ayin (or Mukabele) rite in which the music and dance helps together to drive the performers into the greatest intensity of mystic exaltation and annihilation in the world of Fomal-Hoot al-Ganoubi.

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