1987 – Transmeccano Replica (Guo-ang)


Transmeccano ReplicaWhen the small meccandroids arm in arm with the antropteras of Venus penetrates into the crystal cave to destroy pictures, and where the Aztec android lady mermaid riding in a ribboned Burgundian armour on a Cretan Minotaurus, wearing ancus of the snake around her neck, smiles at the Japanese crusader of the Vatican blue-gold flying saucer while soft medieval Indian music is played (kirānā bāj-ki baroque), well, then the Salvation has started with the fall of the Bassaurus-raptor (bass-culture) and with the ectoplasm-discharge of the Gregorganix swamp-choir with a merciless repetition (moksa-hazarbāf). When the budging metal monster, being constructed of swarming thousands of meccanos (Vocabla-Rāja), started to eject through its bodyholes of violet light masses of scolopendras by gnawing off its own arm, then the whitish mucous stream of showering god-cerebrum flooding everything covered up the score papers and the recording studio. This broke through the golden gates of the Heaven (Sezām-Amida), where the flood of the rustling chitin armours of souls closed in a reincarnational cover worn out by the humanity fell on the world of the resident single-born bodhisattvas. The third type Communio of Salvation will take place here, where miragenom sprouts emerging from the organic meme-mucus of the Globe and the mechanical evolution swarming from it, with a hundred-thousand years old civilization of Reticulum inhabitants (reptiles), will be mixed with the harmology of Transmeccano-replica.

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