2006 – Guonthology (Guo-Ang)


Gāyan Uttejak Orchestra regrets to inform You, that with this publication GUO doesn’t have it in their power to guarantee a delightful experience of conventional easy-listening, as the kind of participation demanded from You is not conform to everyday routines. On its records, the Orchestra will not apply impressive means of musical banalities, and GUO’s music is not going to imitate the structure of traditional Western-European music, and will not provide a reference and encourage the convenient and habitual tradition of collective easy listening. With this “musical Greenpeace” like publication GUO desires to be a humble forerunner of the new Western-Amerasian Empire’s musical mappings that are coming into existence in the caste-system of future society, nevertheless GUO is opposed to the traditional music industry that will operate as one of the Wellness-Neuronetics subdivisions of Wychi-Exonybm corporation. With the help of its music, GUO would like to create a kind of a state of Stoa: its components reside in the periods of the polyrhythmic structure, and they are the ones that will lead to performer-listener levitation and to collective-luminiferous phosphorescence of the Moebius-mind memetized by the music. The basis for it is the centuries-old hypno-static musical experience of Asian high cultures, where the music itself is nothing else but a sophisticated technique of exode, and that will, as a distillation of the diseased and uninhabitable socium, praise the thousand years old art-techniques of imaginary and momentary escape of humanoid being from evolutionary and social captivity. In the putrefied social existence, metaphysical prosthesises that are existing, in place of a world livable by intellect, as ectoplasms grown on to human brain, are to be superseded by this sort of music, which is the rational language of the sole existing positive resistance of our days, the only bridge that could guide us, as a quasi yoga technique, to provisional dissolution of collective alienation, to a satori-state where self-correction of individual existence will contribute to the improvement of the World. Let’s become a part of it.

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